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The Ohio Federation of Republican Women

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Excerpt from the OFRW By-laws

Article III: Policy

1. In a contested primary no member of the Board of Directors shall use her position to endorse a candidate. If found in violation by the Board of Directors, the member shall be removed from office.
2. No Club, or its President, shall use the name of the Club to endorse any candidate in any contested primary, from the national to the local level. If found in violation by the Board of Directors, revocation of membership may result.
3. If a nominee in a primary election is invited to a club, all Republican nominees for that office shall also be invited. All Republican nominees in a contested primary shall be provided the opportunity for equal exposure.
4. No OFRW, or Club Officer, shall use her position to support a candidate running on any opposition ticket.
5. In all non-partisan elections, Federated Republican Women should support only Republican candidates.
6. Members are encouraged to become active in primaries as individuals.
7. Federated Republican Women should work for the selection of qualified Republicans to appointive local and state offices, boards and commissions