The Ohio Federation of Republican Women

2021 Membership and Officer Form Instructions

 In addition to the following forms and fees, an annual one-time club service fee of $15 is due before   January 31 of each year.  This service fee is to be collected by the State Organizations to be sent on to the NFRW. The annual dues per member is $25.00 ($20.00 for NFRW/$5.00 for OFRW)
Tip: You might want to send this $15 to the OFRW along with your new officer form that is due before January 15  of each year. 
Please Note: As your club collects dues for 2021 please remember that your club treasurer must submit $25.00 per member ($5 for OFRW and $20 for NFRW)  for each person in your club. The ONLY people to whom this does not apply are men — and Associate members-women who pay their primary membership dues through another Federated Club in Ohio. 
OFRW and NFRW dues are to be submitted to the OFRW Treasurer. OFRW and NFRW membership privileges are not available to a member until the dues are received by those respective organizations for the calendar/membership year. 
All payments may be made by sending a check or through PayPal. 

Pay Dues via PayPal to the OFRW


2021 Officer and Membership Form Instructions