The Ohio Federation of Republican Women

From the OFRW President - January 6, 2021


Hallmarks of our Republic include free and fair elections, and as a result of those a peaceful transfer of

power. For several years now the confidence in those free and fair elections has slipped dramatically. The

lack of transparency of the 2020 Presidential election caused many to doubt the results of that election.

The expression of our concerns seemed to fall on deaf ears. We then did what Americans have been doing

for centuries--we peacefully protested. Today those concerns were taken to where we were sure that

they could be heard, the Capitol. Unfortunately it appears that a small group has hijacked our protest with

violence that we do not endorse. Our President has asked that the protesters peacefully go home. I hope

that all will follow his heartfelt request.

I encourage all to carefully weigh anything you hear or see on the “news.” As usual, what we are hearing

seems to be filtered through a liberal prism. There was no condemnation of the Antifa and BLM protests

that included violence towards others, looting, burning, and occupying of private property and

government buildings. Yet those who peacefully went to DC today were labeled as disrespectful, violent,

rightwing extremists. Don’t whine that we are treated unfairly. Stop supporting any outlet that does so.

Most importantly, those of you who went to DC please stay safe and leave peacefully. Lastly, all of us

need to pray for President Trump and his family, for our members in the capitol, and our great country.

God Bless America!!!


Mary Beth Kemmer, President


In Memory of Barbara Fee



In Memory of Kay Ayres


Hillsboro resident Kay Ayres, who served as vice chair of the Ohio Republican Party and chaired the Highland County GOP for many years, passed away Monday, Aug. 17.

She was 81. Mrs. Ayres was a local educator before entering politics. She won a 1982 GOP primary for Ohio's 77th House District before losing to longtime incumbent Harry Malott. Undeterred, Mrs. Ayres went on to work for more than 50 years on the front lines of local and state politics, serving as chairman of the Highland County Republican Party from 1978 until 2016.

She assisted countless candidates and campaigns over the years – from the courthouse to the White House.

Mrs. Ayres had served on the Southern State Community College Board of Trustees, the Highland County Board of Elections, the Highland County Historical Society Board, the Scott House Renovation Committee, the Liberty Savings Bank Board of Directors and the Jo Ann Davidson Leadership Institute Board of Directors, as well as being vice chairwoman of the Century Club, to name a few of the boards and committees on which she served. 

In addition, Mrs. Ayres served as president of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women and as a vice chair for the National Federation of Republican Women, where she was responsible for supporting the duties of the chairman in addition to overseeing various party-building activities and outreach efforts, especially among women voters.


In Memory of Pat Flanagan